For Music Lover

Defending on what type of music you listen to, your moods and emotions could change instantly. I love danceable music as it makes me feel alive especially when I’m stress out and going through something.

And so is playing instruments, it relaxes your mind and body. Try and see what instruments suits you the most. The musian friend offers a wide variety of music instruments and accessories to all music lover out there. Check it out and shop the best.

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Chocolate Cake @ 5

My baby girl is growing like weeds. She just turned 5 months old today and so Mommy made a little something for our baby Arielle. A chocolate cake that Ate, daddy, mommy and the baby herself digged in and enjoyed. Extremely lucky for having such two precious daughter, whom I love so dearly.

To our baby Arielle, happy happy 5 months to you my Love. I know you can’t read this yet but I also know one day you will. By then you will be a big girl But I want you know how much I love you… You and your big sister are the most precious gift I have received from God above.

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Your Rights

As a citizen, we have freedom of speech and we entitle to have our own opinion.

Always know your rights and fight for it. Let the lawyers in north carolina who knows legal matters help you with your battle whether it’s about business and corporate law, Bankruptcy, Wills and Trust, Automobile collision injuries, work injuries and other personal injuries.

Visit the website to learn more about the firm’s practices and specialty.

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Five Years

I can’t believe my first born is turning 5 in four days. Where does time goes. I am happy to see her enjoying bonding with her little sister who’s only 3 months old.

Advance Happy birthday my precious child. My Abigail is growing taller, smarter, prettier and sweeter. I love her so dearly I hope everything will be back to normal. It’s hard to have a newborn as it change our life so much.

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Plus Size Sports Bra

Just like jeans and dresses, finding the right bra that fits good is not easy for small/petite person like me especially when I first got here. I was slim and tiny, not to mention my short height.

But do you know people my size are not alone? A lot of Americans also have problem finding the right size for them especially plus size sport bras and clothes that comfortably fits them.

An associate at one of my favorite store who happened to be tall told me and my sister, she herself have hard time getting the right fit that she usually end up buying a custom made clothing, shoes and accessories.

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Craving For Tropical Fruits

I have been craving for fresh tropical fruits, fresh from the tree particularly a crunchy red papaya dip in vinegar, santol, balingbing and a lot more.

But since I can’t find it anywhere here, I’m just contented with this fresh strawberry.
1042Not exactly the same but it’s good enough to satisfy my cravings. I can’t wait to be able to go home hopefully next year when my baby is big enough to enjoy the trip with the big sister who will be 6 by then.

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Yard Sale Signs

Yard sale is one of the best way to get rid of stuff you don’t need. You’ll earn some money and at the same time acquire more space for something else important. Make sure to get a yard sale signs to print that you can use to attract some customers.

Yard sale signs is very useful in so many ways no matter what you try to market. Just make sure to get one that’s very eye catching for people passing by.

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