Yard Sale Signs

Yard sale is one of the best way to get rid of stuff you don’t need. You’ll earn some money and at the same time acquire more space for something else important. Make sure to get a yard sale signs to print that you can use to attract some customers.

Yard sale signs is very useful in so many ways no matter what you try to market. Just make sure to get one that’s very eye catching for people passing by.

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Fried Chicken

DSC02975My first try of this “Fried Chicken” recipe ala “Jollibee”. After seeing photos of Jollibee food from my Fb friends who have been to Jollibee recently, I got the cravings of their Fried Chicken so here it is… followed the recipe’s I got online after some serious search online…

DSC02977So love it with rice and gravy and ketchup on the side…

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Health Agency

With the healthcare reform, a lot of people is confused and don’t know exactly what, how and where to start. And everyone has different situation so you can’t simply rely on your friends knowledge base to how they did it. So it is best for you to consult with professionals who knows every details about healthcare.

The North Carolina Health Agency is a licensed independent insurance agency that offer a personalized services to help people get the best health insurance package. Visit http://www.nchealthagency.com/ to get more information. You can also contact them at 1-800-280-2230 or local at 336-584-2705.

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Happy Valentines Everyone!

Happy Valentines everyone specially to all my family and friends in Philippines, USA and other parts of the world. I hope you guys would have a great time spending heart’s day.

I woke up this morning with my daughter who’s very excited to celebrate Valentine’s with mommy and daddy is priceless. She hand us a drawing she made and gave us big hugs and kisses. Such a sweet little angel. Mommy and daddy are indeed so lucky to have her in our life. And soon there will be two of them celebrating special occasions with us.

My first born and I would have a busy day today as we are going to do some errands for tonight’s dinner with daddy and my sister’s family. Better cook and have dinner at home than suffer waiting for hours in a restaurant. We experienced it already and would never try it again.


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Sound-hole Pick-Up

Guitars have different parts that you can always change or upgrade later on. Anybody could easily change the strings, bridge, tone knobs, soundhole pickup etc. in order to achieve or create that sound you are looking for.

The lr baggs m1 soundhole pickup for instance is said to be one of the best sound-hole pickup. It is a humbucking pickup that comes with a twist and includes a prewired strap-jack harness and a 12′ Mogami audiophile grade cable.


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Coconut Oil

The “Healthiest oil on earth” as described by nutritionist. My family back home have been using coconut oil ever since. And not only that, almost everything in a coconut is useful to us from it’s fruits, leaves, wood and even the coconut husk ~ each have different uses and all of them work great on specific stuff.

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Cabinets @ Wholesale

Renovating or building your own house is really expensive especially if you don’t know how and where to buy materials and appliances for cheaper prices. It’s better to order your cabinets at wholesale that way you can save hundreds/thousands of money compare to buying in your local home store.

Besides savings, ordering cabinets at wholesale could also gives a wide selections of cabinets that you can choose from that’s obviously can’t be find in any local store.

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